Monday, October 4, 2010


Our Norwegian relations invaded London in a big way last weekend - My nephew Ole-Marius had an exhibition of his extraordinary photographs at the Royal Albert Hall. It's called Muz-Art and shows members of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra in surreal and very witty settings. 'They are for you to make up your own stories' he says - and it works. Forty of them are wrapped round the circular wall in the corridor just inside the hall. My phone photos are sadly blurred, but they give an idea . . .

I have just come back from another week at Surfside, in the dunes above Godrevy Lighthouse at Gwithian Towans. Work didn't go especially well, but dreaming and walking did.

Almost decided to STOP TRYING [solitude can do that to you] but reassuring thoughts from friends and family and being back in womb of home brought comfort. Good to see David Bodanis in London; his book on the Ten Commandments sounds as if it will be very arresting. Like me, he likes to tackle something utterly new. The Secret House, the Einstein book, and now Moses' tablets.

Today Anthony, experienced forester and my New Zealand neighbour's brother, is going to attack the overgrown gages and plums. More trees need to go, I fear, and the fourfold gum should be given a second wire, he reckons. But I'll still look out on woods, not dull gardenscape.
On Thursday off for a week of October in the Lakes - determined not even to TRY to write